New Year, New Color

New Year, New Color

The new Pantone color for 2022, Very Peri, is transforming fashion as it is a new color for Pantone.  It is a fun and joyful hue of blue with an exciting hue of violet-red undertones. After two years of covid, this color is providing a cool and calming effect in fashion of all kind.  World events have always played a role in fashion so this year the leader in colors, Pantone, have shown the world needs more joy through this color choice.  Personally I am in LOVE!

Veri Peri wears well with a warm mustard (cornsilk or dried moss), granite green, or rose (Hawthorn Rose).  Have fun and play with this Color of the Year, VERY PERI! Comment below with your favorite Very Peri color combo.

Very Peri Pantone color of 2022, color pallette

Pantone Colors 2022, Very Peri Pallette


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