5 Winter Must Have Trends

5 Winter Must Have Trends

Is it difficult to find fashion trends that are wearable and fit your personal style?

Being a mom and a business owner, functional fashion is my style.  Looking put together for a business meeting or during that run to the grocery store when you haven't showered yet (you know that happens more than we want to admit) is important for us as women.  Something about feeling put together helps us conquer the world in a whole new way.

Here are 5 top winter fashion trends you can easily add into your wardrobe.

(1) Shackets:  For those that haven't seen this word before, it is a new term for a shirt+jacket=Shacket.  Heavier than a shirt, but not quite a jacket.  Plaids have been huge in this category, but not exclusively all the shackets you can find.  Right now, our Dani Aztec shacket is a fabulous find for this trend without being a plaid.

(2) Tiny Prints: Prints are always around, but the type of print changes throughout the years. Right now tiny prints are in the forefront of fashion.  This is the best print for all body types and styles as it helps to slim the body keeping the eyes busy.  Who doesn't love that?!?  We just restocked our popular Kate and Katie tops in this category.  

(3) Over Sized Sweaters: A cute and cozy sweater is perfect for those colder months.  I love adding a sweater on top of a fun summer/spring dress to get more depth into your closet.  Especially on a tiny printed dress to pull in these two trends into one outfit.  Check out the Davi Cozy sweater that goes perfect with a great pair of leggings too.

(4) Relaxed Fit Blazers: This trend is so hot for my classic and chic gals.  You get more function out of blazers that pairs well with a great pair of jeans or your career wear pants.  I think this is a great weekend brunch with the girls look.  Our Chic Blazer or Grey Matter Jacket might be the perfect match for you.

(5) Leather or Faux Leather:  The Sweet Street look is top on the trends this season.  Pairing leather/faux leather (which is more masculine) with pearls and lace (which is more feminine) creates a balanced yet interesting look.  Pop a fun faux leather short, like the Sassy or a fun top with leather sleeve detailing is a great way to incorporate this trend without being all leathered out.


Which is your favorite trend this season?

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